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Well, actually just removing the package might not be enough to get rid of Nuxt Hue so I'm just writting that in order not to get sued because someone lost a day worth of work figuring it out...

Hey! That's not some dark patterns the module uses to have you stick with it (this page's layout being the only exception). Nuxt Hue just uses Nuxt.js global configuration file to save its own config and register itself so you need to remove it from there too.

"How To?" below~

Alright, to remove safely the module from your machine you first need to wipe its configuration, we have a handy command for that:

nuxt-hue wipe

This will clean everything related to Nuxt Hue from ~/.nuxtrc, (more on that here).

From here you're safe to uninstall the package:

yarn global remove nuxt-hue
npm uninstall --global nuxt-hue

Already uninstalled? OK, this time you're allowed to use the CLI through npx:

npx nuxt-hue wipe
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