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Hey! Sadly this module requires you to have some Philips Hue lights connected to a Hue Bridge at your place.

If you don't have any you can grab a starter kit of Amazon easily but those aren't cheap (sadly). In any case here's my afiliate link (it's not): Philips Hue Starter Kit on Amazon.

Regarding your system you should be fine with Node.js 12 or later on Windows (I handled win32 paths @pi0), MacOS, or Linux.

Quick Start

Install nuxt-hue globally:

yarn global add nuxt-hue
npm install --global nuxt-hue

Then, run the setup command and let the wizard guide you through:

nuxt-hue setup

You're done! Start developing with Nuxt and enjoy!

I'm a 10x Developer but Those Are Nice for Me to Know Still


Nope. It won't work. You need the module to be available globally on your machine for Nuxt to load it.

Local Install..?

It won't work correctly as the module will try to call the CLI when Nuxt is closing. Also you don't want to impose this module on your coworkers anyway.

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