Enlighten your Nuxt experience

Enlighten your Nuxt experience


Sync your Philips Hue lights with your Nuxt development server state
Easy CLI setup, get started with one command!
Doesn't impact in the slightest your codebase and build output
The first Nuxt global module out there, isn't that cool?
Let everyone in the open space know that you're working with a cool framework!
Also grants a visual indicator to your senior colleagues when you're in trouble
Actually we're in lockdown here, so that might not be as effective
Still, that'll let know your husband, wife, younger brother, or mom that you're working on serious stuff~
Sébastien Chopin's avatar

Nuxt 3 combined with Nuxt Hue gets you rolling for a shining experience ✨

Sébastien Chopin
CEO, NuxtLabs
Pooya Parsa's avatar

Really happy that global modules are now a thing. I'd definitely have everyone use Nuxt Hue at Passionate People.

Pooya Parsa
Framework Lead, Nuxt.js
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Nuxt.js has such awesome contributors like Lucie, I'm jelly. I also want a similar module for Vite now...

Evan You
Creator & Project Lead, Vue.js
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Debbie O'Brien
Head Developer Advocate, Bit
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I don't know why I'm here but hey, I'm Lucie's colleague and I enjoyed beta-testing this module!

Alex Trost
Cowboy & DevExp Engineer, Prismic

🐟 Those testimonials are for giggles, they are legitn't.



MIT License, wanted to use the Don't Be a Dick Public License but I'm still a serious person.

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